Vacuum Belt Filter Cloth

Vertical Tower Belt Filter Cloth

ECOGRACE collaborates with global clients to develop specialized fabrics for filter press belts, double layer weave belt filter used in various industries such as municipal wastewater treatment plants, industrial treatment plants, pulp and paper production, and the beverage industry.

Our tailored filtration solutions cater to specific applications and requirements for for solidliquid separation, your horizontal vacuum belt. The layer weave belt filter cloth press belt, unlike traditional filter belts, contains multiple layers that enable a multi-stage dewatering process. This feature is crucial in wastewater treatment plants to ensure high-quality filtration that meets all environmental standards during the slurry separation phase.

The slurry is conveyed along the press belt, directed towards the center of the machine, and compressed between two press belts. The internal roller exerts pressure on the slurry to remove excess water or liquid before the solid cake is collected for further processing.

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Key Benefits of the Conveyor Belt Filter Cloth

  • Decades of experience with key market sectors
  • High filtration efficiency and throughput
  • Robust materials for long operational life
  • Selection of woven and spiral weaves available dependent upon your end product
  • Smooth cake releases and cleaning
  • Strong resistance to blinding
  • Support for tailoring fabrics to individual applications including municipal wastewater treatment and beverages such as fruit juices and vegetable puree


Fiber-yarn typeEcograce codeWeight g/m²Air permeability @200 Pa l/dm².minEfficiency
​Woven fabricsPolyamide-M60282963502
Polyamide-M/FDF 63302702203
Polyester-F 2830580304
Polyester-F/M 69101050503
BeltsPolypropylene , Polyester3963660504

S=staple | F=multifilament | M=monofilament | 1=poor | 2=medium | 3=good | 4=very good


We develped filter fabrics, belt filter cloth suitable for diverse industries, including mining, chemical, metallurgy, wastewater treatment, and food and beverage.

Our Belt Filter Cloth Customized to YOUR Operation.

We provide filtration solutions belt press filter cloth operate effectively in a variety of processes such as dewatering, pressing, forming, drying, filtering, separating, screening, and conveying..