Dry Filtration and processing

Industrial dust filter bags

With decades of experience of manufacturing filter bags for dry filtration, we are expertise in air pollution control filter materials, all types of dust and fume collection.

Our products are compatible with all types of dust & fume filters with a wide range of material options to perform in high temperature, chemically, aggressive or any other demanding conditions. Diversified range of filter bags and products: Pulse Jet, Reverse Air and Shaker Dust Collectors, Blower Units and Fluidized Bed Dryers for numerous industries and applications.

Our Marketing and Customers :

  • Original Baghouse Filter Equipment Manufacturers
  • Metals, Mining and Minerals
  • Chemicals
  • Cement and Asphalt
  • Power/Co-generation
  • Waste treatment, Waste recycling, Waste to energy
  • Food and Pharmaceuticals
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I. Types of Dust Filter Bags

A.Common types of filter bags used in baghouse systems

  • 1. Polyester filter bags
  • 2. Aramid filter bags
  • 3. Nomex filter bags
  • 4. PTFE filter bags
  • 5.PPS/Ryton Filter bags
  • 6.Fiberglass Filter bags
Dust Filter Bags
Baghouse Bag Filters

II. Key Features and Benefits of industrial dust collector filter bags

A. High filtration efficiency and particle capture
B. Resistance to high temperatures and chemical exposure
C. Long lifespan and durability
D. Easy installation and maintenance

III. Applications of Dust Collector Filter Bags
A. Industrial sectors that utilize bag filter systems
B. Specific applications in various industries (e.g., cement, power plants, steel mills)

  • Original Baghouse Filter Equipment Manufacturers
  • Metals, Mining and Minerals
  • Chemicals
  • Asphalt , Cement, Gypsum, Lime
  • Power/Co-generation
  • Waste treatment, waste recycling, waste to energy
  • Food and Pharmaceuticals

IV. Factors to Consider When Choosing Baghouse Filter Bags

How to clean dust collector filter bags?
A. Filtration requirements and efficiency levels
B. Temperature and chemical compatibility
C. Bag size and design considerations
D. Cost-effectiveness and lifespan

VI. Maintenance and Replacement of Dust Filter Bags
A. Regular inspection and cleaning procedures
B. Signs of bag wear and tear or clogging
C. Proper bag replacement techniques

VII. Conclusion
A. Recap of the importance and benefits of baghouse bag filters.
B. Final thoughts on their role in maintaining clean and safe industrial environments

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MediaWeight(g/m2)Material Weaving/ScrimThickness (mm)Temperature continuous/MaxSurface treatment
Polyester filter felt600g/m2PE/PE1.9135 /150singed on one side
Ployster,oil and water ,
dirt repellent finish filter
550g/m2PE/PE1.7135 /150singed on one side
oil and water repellent finish
cleanability supporting finish
Polyster+antistatic550g/m2PE/PE1.7135 /150singed on one side , antistatic
PPS high-temperature resistant550g/m2PPS/PPS1.7190 /200singed on one side
PTFE high-temperature
resistant corrosion prevention
700g/m2PTFE/PTFE1.2250 /280singed on one side , corrosion prevention
Polyster+PTFE membrance550g/m2PE/PE1.7135 /150singed on one side,PTFE membrance
P84 high-temperature resistant550g/m2P84/P842.8240 /260singed on one side corrosion prevention
FMS high-temperature resistant550g/m2FMS/FMS2.2200 /200singed on one side
550g/m2NOMEX/NOMEX2.1200/240Singeing, calendaring

S=staple | F=multifilament | M=monofilament | 1=poor | 2=medium | 3=good | 4=very good


Just as important as the right dust collection system for your application is keeping it up and running. Discover our full range of aftermarket parts and products.

Dust Collection Customized to YOUR Operation.

With a singular focus on dust collection technologies for heavy industry, we design and engineer high-performing systems that are built to handle large volumes of abrasive materials in harsh, highly regulated environments.