Mining and Minerals

Industrial Filter Cloth for Mining and Minerals

The mining and minerals sector demand high-quality solid-liquid and solid-gas filtration. ECOGRACE, filter press cloth factory, dedicating in filter cloth and offering solutions to maximum performance filtration and de-watering demands. We offer highly qualified filtration solutions, we continuously improve technologies and innovate industrial filter cloth to suit each mining, refining, and smelting applications.

Metal producers need the high efficiency of filtration fabrics. Whether the filters are de-watering, concentrated metallurgical ore for a fine particle size, mineral tailings slurry for dry , the filtration is an essential process.

We worked with mining, mineral, metal plants for decades and achieved the best filtration results from a wide processes. We are familiar with cake moisture, solids capture,filtration process.

Filter Cloth-
Cloth Filter 11
Filter Cloth-
Cloth Filter 12

We have supported types of filter press cloths,  FILTER PRESS CLOTHSBELT press  FILTERS, ROTARY VACUUM  FILTERS, filter cloth  for decades. Over the years we have developed a range of fabrics for these applications.

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When it comes to nylon polyester polypropylene filter cloth, we will work with you to select the best options of cloth filter for your process and operational goals. Our highly-trained sales team are supported by application and industry experts  to review your process and select the optimum Industrial filter cloth.

We bring our extensive industry experience and knowledge to meet customer’s requirements on properties of industrial filter cloth. We have experienced each resource cycle alongside our mining and mineral processing partners, and we understand the challenges faced by the modern mining sector. We focus on customer needs and work with them closely. . Whether your process is focused on minerals or energy, we are experts in fine tuning our filtration products to maximize your product value.

  • Alumina
  • Iron Ore
  • Nickel
  • Base and precious metals
  • Copper
  • Coal
Industrial Filter Cloth
Industrial Filter Cloth
Filter Cloth-
Filter Cloth-
P0802YCoal Washing
T0803tWaste Water treatment
P050D, P030MD, P020MDMud / Slurry Dewatering
N9029Alumina / Aluminum Oxide
N199Iron ore concentrate
P1010Aggregate / Mining
P020MDLeads ore concentrate
9501-35Cement Plant
9501-34Zinc oxide
PT9502b-41DYMuniciple Water / Waste water treatment
9502-402DYSlurry Dewatering
P190Beer filtration
P199s/P11636:Sugar Plant filtration
N120BPalm oil filtration,
3233SYWhite carbon black
3233SY/108C/P801IIyKaolin Clay
T3112BY/3233SYYPigment, dyestuff

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We develped filter fabrics suitable for diverse industries, including mining, chemical, metallurgy, wastewater treatment, and food and beverage.

Our Filter Cloth Customized to YOUR Operation.

We provide filtration solutions operate effectively in a variety of processes such as dewatering, pressing, forming, drying, filtering, separating, screening, and conveying.