Food and Beverage

Press Filter Cloth for Food and Beverage

ECOGRACE offers comprehensive filtration solutions for the food and beverage industry. With over two decades of experience, we specialize in providing high-quality filter press cloths for various applications such as sugar refining, brewing, and oil processing.

Our expertise lies in optimizing production efficiency and reducing costs throughout each stage of the filtration process.

Trust ECOGRACE will deliver reliable and innovative solutions and press filter cloth tailored to meet your specific filtration needs.

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Filter Cloth For Sugar Processing

Filtration is required for every step of the sugar extraction process and we continues to develop our product range specifically for sugar plants. We have expert knowledge and we use advanced raw materials and weaving technologies in our exclusive filter media range.

Filter Cloth For Starch Processing

Filtration finds its primary applications within the starch industry. Tower Filter Press and Vacuum Belt Filter serve as key equipment, complemented by our customized filter fabric designed for specific filtration processes. Whether it’s gluten dewatering, starch dewatering, or syrup production, our filter products aim to enhance both throughput and filter efficiency. Specifically engineered for this purpose, our filter media ET 3068 adheres to the highest standards, making it an ideal choice for this application.

Filter Cloth For Fruite and Vegetable Juice and Food Oil

The ETA Type polyester filter belt cloth, filter press cloth specification is suitable for extracting and pressing juice from fruits and vegetables using belt press filters. The filter press filter cloth particularly effective for extracting juice from apples, pears, thorn pears, ginger, and other berries and nuts. Our woven mesh filter belts are known for their safety, durability, and reliability. The unique weave structure allows for precise pore size and a sturdy surface, ensuring optimal juice yield and dewatering results. The high-quality material and thermal treatment contribute to the smooth operation and long-lasting performance of the press belt fabrics.

Press Filter Cloth
Press Filter Cloth
Filter Cloth
Filter Cloth
Filter Press Cloth
Filter Press Cloth
Filter Cloth-
Filter Cloth-
P0802YCoal Washing
T0803tWaste Water treatment
P050D, P030MD, P020MDMud / Slurry Dewatering
N9029Alumina / Aluminum Oxide
N199Iron ore concentrate
P1010Aggregate / Mining
P020MDLeads ore concentrate
9501-35Cement Plant
9501-34Zinc oxide
PT9502b-41DYMuniciple Water / Waste water treatment
9502-402DYSlurry Dewatering
P190Beer filtration
P199s/P11636:Sugar Plant filtration
N120BPalm oil filtration,
3233SYWhite carbon black
3233SY/108C/P801IIyKaolin Clay
T3112BY/3233SYYPigment, dyestuff

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With a singular focus on pressing filtration technologies for heavy industry, we design and engineer high-performing press filter cloth that are built to handle large volumes of abrasive materials in harsh, highly regulated environments.