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Filter Cloth Manufacturer

We a reliable and experienced provider of filtration products and services, offering a wide range of filter cloth, filter presses, and filter plates. Our filter cloth selection includes PP, PE, and PA options that are customized to meet the specific requirements of each customer’s application. Our filter press cloth are available in various capacities, from high-capacity fully-automatic presses to small, manual low-capacity units, catering to diverse filtration needs. We also offer a comprehensive range of filter cloth types and materials for efficient filtration in industries such as mining, mineral processing, municipal water, waste water treatment, and pharmaceuticals.

Overview of Liquid and Solid Separation

Liquid and solid separation is a vital process in industries, allowing for the efficient separation of liquids and solids. By utilizing techniques such as filtration, centrifugation, sedimentation, or flotation, industries can achieve optimal separation and improve product quality. Understanding the principles and applications of this process is crucial for smooth operations and meeting industry standards.

Application of filter cloth

Mining and Mineral Processing
Metallurgy ( Steel, Iron Processing, Copper , Zinc, Nickle , etc .)
Chemical Dyes , Pigment,
Food & Berverage.
Aggregates, Cement, Asphalt
Municipal Water , Waste Water Treatment

Importance of High-Quality Filtration Cloth and Services

High-quality filtration cloth and services play a vital role in ensuring efficient filtration processes and maintaining the integrity of various industrial applications.

Benefits of Our Filter Press Cloth

Smooth Surface for Efficient Filtration

High Stability for Reliable Performance

Easy Cake Release Capability for Improved Efficiency

Longer Working Life for Cost Savings

Low Maintenance Requirements for Hassle-free Operation

Factory Visit

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Engineering Expertise

Specializing in press filtration system, our team of experts has the know-how to design and build a customized system based on your operation’s needs.

Singular Focus on Industrial Filtration

Our singular focus on advancing pressure filtration technologies enables us to engineer and build the highest-performing filtration for every customer.

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Leadership Team

Our customer-first culture begins with a leadership team dedicated to leveraging its expertise and experience to every customer’s advantage.

Our Mission, Vision, Values

Explore our commitment to living industrial filtration . Ecograce brand promise through our guiding principles.

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Introducing our filter cloth manufacturer, your ultimate solution for liquid and solid separation needs. With a focus on delivering exceptional wet filtration products and services worldwide, we guarantee top-notch quality and reliability.

See how we leverage our singular focus on industrial filtration to design and manufacture high-performing filter cloth and systems for a wide range of applications.

Industrial Filter Press Cloth Customized to YOUR Operation.

With a singular focus on pressing filtration technologies for heavy industry, we design and engineer high-performing systems that are built to handle large volumes of abrasive materials in harsh, highly regulated environments.